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The Kuranda Teahouse is one of the best gift stores you’ll find. A treasure trove of the unique, interesting, beautiful, hilarious, collectible, wearable, functional and most of all desirable gift items, all brought together under one roof. Each item in the store has been handpicked by the local owners, who purchased the store in 2005. They look for the quirky and unusual which are pleasing and interesting to themselves, as well as their customers. Eclectic stock sourced from local artists and markets, as well as Australian suppliers with national and international products.

Located inside the Kuranda Village Centre, the Kuranda Teahouse is beloved by locals, visitors and its owners who originally hail from Adelaide. They were drawn to Kuranda for its beautiful rainforest and laid-back holiday atmosphere. They visited regularly for over 10 years before moving here permanently. They were drawn to the shop for its unique style, arts and crafts and presentation and have tended and grown the store over the years. The Kuranda Teahouse is open 7 days a week (except Christmas Day and any COVID restrictions) from 10am to 4pm.

If you’ve visited our store and can’t see what you’re looking for online, please contact us to enquire about availability and shipping. Call George on 0438 864 455 or email

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